Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Discovery
TV-MA | 24 September 2017 (USA)
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  • Also starring Mary Wiseman

    Wonderful character development!

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    Good movie but grossly overrated

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    A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.

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    Ariella Broughton

    It is neither dumb nor smart enough to be fun, and spends way too much time with its boring human characters.

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    Great new take on Star Trek. But the best part of the show is it has hands-down the best special effects on television right now. As far as TV shows go the expanse is a distant second in that department

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    I don't know what the hell this is. I watched all of the Star Treks, but this is the first one that looks like Tokenism on steroids. There's nothing but obvious forced inclusion & representation. They didn't care about actual acting talent, just cast people based on their race, not talent. Previous Star Trek's didn't have this forcing of SJW content in it, just for the sake of it being there. The writing is horrible. They're more concerned with this show being a conduit for progressive concepts rather than just being thought provoking sci-fi meant for escape. Instead of escape, you're just reminded of all the modern SJW crap you see on the news. It's like a sociology graduate from UC Berkeley or UOT just shoved all the crap the SJW crap he learned at school into this show. I tried. I really tried, but this is not Star Trek. I have no idea what the hell this is. It think this was made for people who are not fans of Star Trek, but people who just graduated from a hardcore leftist college. Some dude will probably rea this and think I'm racist. Nope. Captain Sisko is my favorite Captain of all the star-ship Captains, he was a brilliant actor.Thanks a lot all you SJW's for ruining Star Wars and now Star Trek. You really suck. *sigh*

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    I've tried. Really tried. But the series would have a better acceptance if really didnt called itself as Star Trek. It has nothing of Star Trek search, questioning and aura. Is an OK series. And honestly i've saw it the entire 1st season. It took me almost 5 months. But i've finished, cause i had to see it till the end. I was hoping that it would improve and be more like all good Star Trek series. But... it didnt end well. Thus...farewell Discovery. I'm getting back to the original series, which is way more compelling and even till this day has more adventure (even with the old special effects).

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    George Taylor

    Where, o where is the Zero rating that IMDB needs to add? This would certainly rate it. This absolute trash of a show takes fifty years of Star Trek (I've been watching since 1966) and flushes it down the toilet. There wasn't one episode worth watching in the entire first season. Not one. Let's see what's bad about this show. 1 - It seems that the show runners/writers know nothing about Star Trek. If they did, this wouldn't have been created. They also lied, claiming that this takes place in the real or original time line. No way. 2 - Here's the biggest question: If this is the prime time line, where has Spock's 'adopted human' sister been for FIFTY YEARS? In a coma? An alternate reality? This is one of the absolute dumbest ideas ever. So because she was raised on Vulcan, does that make her able to be a Vulcan? 3 - Designs. The Discovery is one of the ugliest ships ever. It should be a Klingon ship. And since when to Federation ships have golden hulls? Which pinhead designed those horrible uniforms that look like they'd be rejected at Studio 54! As for the Klingon, Glenn Hetrick should be ashamed. Where the hell did they come from? They look like the only warring they would do is under a disco ball on a dance floor. 4 - Continuity. Let's just toss that to the winds. So the Federation knew about the Mirror universe at least ten years before Kirk discovered it? Why wasn't this in the databanks? Oh, we just wanted things to be cool. Yeah. ok. 5 - the cast. Sorry but the guy playing the doctor looks WAY too young for the role. Perhaps he he were an alien, that might be different. Doug Jones is great, but the character he portrays is one of the sillier aliens. Oh, he can sense death can he? So can I - just put someone in a red shirt. Oh that's right - everyone's in those ridiculous disco uniforms. This show is nothing but an obscene money grab for CBS. The sad part is, that those deluded fans who say "All Trek is Good Trek" may keep this alive for a while. I won't be one of them. I like quality writing, something this show is missing.

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